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Established in 2002 by Lindsay Barrowclough C&L Partners specialise in Project Management and Health and Safety for the Event Industry. C&L Partners is managed and owned by Lindsay and Caroline Barrowclough. Lindsay has over 35 years in the industry, initially in permanent and semi permanent installations, later in large scale outdoor events. Caroline is involved in event management and has specialised in Health and Safety for large scale outdoor events, Rock and Roll tours and training programmes for event companies.

Aerostat, Delhi 2010

London NYE: Jack Morton Worldwide

Projects include:

F1 Live, London, July 2017. MTV London, U2 & David Guetta, Trafalgar Square, November 2017

London's Burning, 350th Anniversary of the Great Fire of London, 2016. The Centenary of The Battle of Jutland Commemoration, Orkneys, June 2016. 'Boundless', The Salvation Army 150th Anniversary & International Congress, 02, London, July 2015

Opening and Closing Ceremonies Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014

'Open East Festival', Official Opening of the North QE Olympic Park, 2013

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee River Pageant, 2012

BT River of Music Concerts, London, 2012

Royal Wedding 'Live' Sites, Central London, 2011

Benchmark Sports, Square Mile Relay, City of London, 2009 - 2016

The Spider, Liverpool City Centre, September 2008

TA 100, Horse Guard's Parade, June 2008
Opening Ceremony for the Tour De France, Trafalgar Square, July 2007

Launch of the 02 Venue, June 2007

Pride / Canada Day, Trafalgar Square, June 2007 - 2013

Launch of Du Telecom, Dubai, March 2007

Formula 1 Festival, Abu Dhabi, February 2007

Russian Winter Festival, Trafalgar Square, January 2007, 2008

London New Years Eve Pyrotechnic, Light and Sound Show 2004 - 2018

The Big Dance, London, July 2006

100 years car parade, London, July 2006

The Prince’s Trust Concert, Tower of London, May 2006.

The Queen’s 80th Birthday Celebrations, Buckingham Palace, June 2006.

The Sultan and the Elephant, London 2006.

VE/VJ Celebrations in London, July 2005.

Garsington Opera, Oxford, 2004 - 2006

Toyota Dealer Conference, Barcelona, March 2005.

Reuters ‘Brightspot’ Conference, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Geneva, New York, 2003, 2004, 2005.

Microsoft Stand at World Telecom, Geneva, September 2004.

Bentley Motor show Stands, Geneva, Detroit, Frankfurt, Birmingham, 2004, 2005.

VW Motor Show Stand, Frankfurt 2003.

The Queen's Golden Jubilee, London, 2002

British Pavilion, World Expo, Hanover, 2000

The Body Zone, The Dome, 1999

The Sultan's Elephant: Unusual Services


With Unusual Services
Rocket firing at QVM for Queens' Golden Jubilee

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