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Just a few of the projects we have been involved with:

The Sultan's Elephant

 In the spirit of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea French Magicians Royal De Luxe invented a story The Sultan’s Elephant,  seen in London over a four- day period in May 2006.

CLP produced the Event Plan for agency sign off and production management on site in London

For Unusual Services

100 Years of Cars Parade


100 Years of Cars Parade to open the London Motor Show. Park Lane, Piccadilly, Lower Regent Street and Pall Mall East.


With Action Impact

F1 Happening: Abu Dhabi
For the launch of the Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi we created a race circuit through the streets of Abu Dhabi complete with grandstand seating including the royal box.

BBC The Big Dance
On site production management for the BBC
Working with the GLA, Square Management, Westminster Council and the MET Police


New Year's Eve, London
Pre production, on site management and the Event Management Plan, working closely with the MET Police, Westminster Council, the GLA, the PLA, Transport for London and numerous other agencies.
For Jack Morton Worldwide

Canada Day / Pride


Two clients sharing the same site and infrastructure, Canada on the Friday, Pride on the Saturday, enabled both clients to achieve a greater impact for half the cost of hosting their own events on different weekends. Overnight changeover of graphic treatments transformed Trafalgar Square from Canada on Friday to London Pride on the Saturday.
Total Production